October 18, 2011

Coming soon to a mailbox near you!

As we speak, Issue 102 is on the way to the Post Office, and in no time it will be on its way to you! This issue is full of exciting news of changes to come with American Quilt Retailer, new ideas and information you need to keep in mind as you shop Quilt Market. In fact, we even have a column on “how” to shop Quilt Market!

Dawn and Patrick Farrier, owners of The Creation Station in Buellton, Calif., in front of their original design "League Night."

Our business profile is on Dawn and Patrick Farrier, owners of The Creation Station. Their shop is aptly named as this husband/wife team have set up a business model that is not only “creative,” but it works for them and their customers. I think sometimes we get very caught up in what we perceive our customers want (or are demanding), forgetting that our businesses have to work for us and fit our needs as well. It’s maintaining a balance between the two. Dawn and Patrick have done this, and as I usually do, I find their business story really interesting.

Valori Wells in her Spring Quilt Market booth in Salt Lake City

Then in addition to all our other columns which you must read, we have an interesting piece detailing what it takes for our designers to get from “idea” to “market.” Valori Wells, FreeSpirit designer, shown above in her finished booth, actually auditioned her set-up in her garage and held a cocktail party for friends to get feedback. It’s an enlightening “behind the scenes” piece.

This is a busy time for everyone in the industry! American Quilt Retailer will be in booth 325 at Fall International Quilt Market and we are hosting three Schoolhouses. See you there! — Susan