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Retailing in a Recession

retailing in a recession

Fortunately for now we are not in a recession. But as we heed the warning signs of an economic slowdown, we thought it worthwhile to visit how to retail in one.

Identify Headroom

The first rule of retailing in a recession is to protect your most loyal customers. However, if your loyal customers cut their spending, that means they’ll also spend less in your store. Enter, headroom.

Headroom is defined as “market share you don’t have minus market share you won’t get,” or in other words, switchers. Switchers are customers who aren’t loyal to your store, but aren’t loyal to your competitors either.

There is no single way to measure headroom. The best place to start is to identify switchers. For example, a camera store categorized customers based off their knowledge, level of service required, and product sophistication. By determining what your switchers like about your competitors, you can make the necessary adjustments in your store to fulfill their needs, thus increasing your market share.

For more information, check out the Harvard Business Review’s Five Rules for Retailing in a Recession. And stay tuned next week for more on Retailing in a Recession.

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