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Inside the February 2023 Issue:

  • Opportunity or Trap?
  • Guide to Clearing Out Inventory
  • Telling the Story He Knows
  • Listen to Your Authentic Inner Voice
  • Let’s Get ‘Phygital’!
  • Hot Picks
  • Materials Matter
  • A Welcoming Home for Knitters, Quilters, Sewers and More
  • Neighborhood Swatch
  • Commit to Goals and Consistency
  • Infringement Battles

Since 1994, independent shop owners have relied on the trade publication American Quilt Retailer as a trusted source for information and resources to improve their businesses. Over the years, it became clear that independent retailers in addition to those running quilt shops would benefit from information curated for business growth

As we expand our reach into all areas of creative industry, our name is changing from American Quilt Retailer to Creative Retailer®. Working with a network of respected advertising partners and business experts, Creative Retailer® delivers accurate, unbiased editorial content on up-to-date product information and covers basic retailing concepts, industry trends, product information, business profiles, display ideas, and more.

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American Quilt Retailer is the quilting industry’s premier trade magazine. For over 20 years, thousands of independent quilt shop owners have depended on our publication for the information and resources they need to improve their businesses.

With a reputation for integrity, as well as a network of respected advertising partners, American Quilt Retailer delivers accurate and unbiased editorial content on the latest product updates, industry news, and business tools, to help quilt shop owners thrive in the global retail world! Learn More About AQR…