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Develop and maintain good employees with a well-thought-out handbook and work culture.

MELISA MORRISON, PHR, SHRM-CP, is the Director of Human Resources for Latex Construction Company, a leader in the construction of underground transmission pipelines for the oil and natural gas industry. She has 30 years experience in Human Resources supporting both large and small businesses and is a former quilt shop owner.


  • Yes, You Really Need an Employee Handbook: Most small businesses don’t create an employee handbook simply because they don’t think they need one. After all, it’s just you and a handful of employees who feel almost like a second family, right?
  • Handbook 2.0: Aligning Your Policies With Employment Laws: Consider the entitlements and obligations to employees that should be included in your employee handbook.
  • The Employee Handbook: Best Practices: Spend time assembling your handbook and your staff and business will benefit.
  • Create a Winning Workplace: Position your employees for success and your business will reap the benefits.
  • Positive Company Culture = Happy Employees: The right leadership nurtures a workforce that feels valued and productive.
  • Avoid Six Common HR Issues: Manage your small business to prevent pitfalls.


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