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Business Experts

American Quilt Retailer collects and presents strong, seasoned business advice that covers many areas of expertise, presenting a full, comprehensive set of tools to help run your business. Our contributing quilt shop Business Experts play a big part in this, and we’re proud to share their expertise with you and encourage you to connect with them to learn how they can help your business become the best it can be.

Beth Montpas

American Quilt Retailer Contributor Beth Montpas

Life coach Beth Montpas is one of those people who has cultivated and fine-tuned her listening skills in order to hear what clients are saying, and to help them discover a new path in their lives. She is certified as a life coach by the John Maxwell Team, and her articles have been featured in The Magnolia Journal, American Quilter and American Quilt Retailer. She’s a frequent inspirational speaker where women gather, facilitates small “ignite your life” groups, coordinates book studies, directs nourishing and refreshing retreats and offers one-on-one personal coaching. 

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Kizer & Bender

American Quilt Retailer Contributor Kizer & BenderThis dynamic duo are frequently keynote speakers, they are consultants who have helped thousands of businesses in the retail, restaurant, hospitality and other service industries. They are contributors to MSNBC’S Your Business, they made Meetings & Conventions Magazine’s list of Meeting Planners Favorite Keynote Speakers and they have been names two of Retailing’s Most Influential People.

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Leanne Pressly

American Quilt Retailer Contributor Leanne Pressly

When advice in social media planning, web design and marketing are needed for a business, it’s smart to choose a consultant who knows the language being spoken. Quilters and makers, meet Leanne Pressly, the CEO and #bosslady of Stitchcraft Marketing! Leanne comes from a strong maker background and her niche agency serves only craft companies, such as quilting shops and related businesses.

Learn more about Leanne and Stitchcraft Marketing.

Sommer Sharon

American Quilt Retailer Contributor Sommer Sharon

Sommer Sharon has been working with content strategy, SEO (search engine optimization) and digital marketing for more than 17 years. She started in the business so long ago it wasn’t even called SEO at the time! She and her company, Sleigh Consulting, make up the team who can help get your website in front of the relevant customers, can assist with presenting your brand’s message in the clearest way and can manage all aspects of digital marketing.

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Tom Shay

American Quilt Retailer Contributor Tom Shay

When Mark Twain spoke “A man who has had a cat by the tail knows a lot more than the man who read about it” he didn’t know Tom Shay, but he painted an accurate picture of the man. What’s the cat? Owning a small retail business. Tom’s passion is the small business and what makes it work. He can and does tell–through website, podcasts, speaking engagements, newsletters and articles¬– what makes a small business successful.

Learn more about Tom and Profits Plus Solutions, Inc.

Gwen Bortner

Gwen BortnerGwen Bortner is a business consultant focused on the craft enthusiast industry. For more information on how she helps her clients build profitable businesses and to get more down-to-earth business advice, click here.