American Quilt Retailer Business Expert Tom Shay

Business Expert: Tom Shay

When Mark Twain spoke “A man who has had a cat by the tail knows a lot more than the man who read about it” he didn’t know Tom Shay, but he painted an accurate picture of the man. What’s the cat? Owning a small retail business. Tom’s passion is the small business and what makes it work. He can and does tell–through website, podcasts, speaking engagements, newsletters and articles¬– what makes a small business successful.

He notes there’s a significant difference between having worked in retail and having owned retail. “It’s kind of like the difference between driving a car in real life and driving a car on your Play Station.” Profits Plus, Tom’s business, helps small business owners increase their profits while simultaneously building the business for the future. He addresses the “hard part” of having a business through the website where calculators for determining break even analysis, cashflow projection, financial statement explanation, inventory required and turn rate, gift card vs discount and more reside.

Business tip from Tom: “Learn to be an owner; you can hire someone to do everything else.”

Tom, a small business management expert, created Profits Plus based on his years of experience in a family-owned business to provide insight and information for owners and managers. He’s an author of thirteen books, a college text book, a columnist for over 70 trade magazines, business coach and small business keynote speaker. The website for Profits Plus is the largest in existence for retailers with over 1200 pages of first-rate business-oriented information and calculators which not only teach hard business skills but give owners the tools to benchmark their business over a period of years. The website is without charge; there is nothing to buy. Just good solid business information.

Connect with Tom Shay at Profits Plus Solutions, Inc. Subscribe to his The Small Business News (monthly newsletter) and Small Business Advisories (tips and ideas to make your business better); listen to his The Small Business Conversations podcasts at

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