Social Marketing for the Holiday Season

There are so many things to do to get ready for the Holiday season and one of those things is having a holiday plan for your social medias. Social media marketing builds word of mouth, still the number one thing that brings new customers to your store. You need a plan to engage with followers and entice them to visit your store. Here are some things to consider:

1. Facebook and Instagram are mandatory.

Facebook has always been mandatory to connect with customers, now Instagram is as well. Make it easy on yourself by connecting your Facebook page to your Instagram account so you can update followers on both social medias at the
same time. It’s okay to recycle content because people check different social medias at different times so they are not likely to see everything you post on each one.

2. Give your profile photos a holiday twist.

The photos you choose to represent your store need to stand out on a busy news feed. Choose ones that are easily identifiable and add a holiday theme.

3. Listen. Interact. React. Sell.

Remember, people need a reason to visit your social medias; if all you do is sell, sell, sell they’ll quickly tune you out. Follow this formula for best results:

  • Listen: You need to keep up in real time. Studies show that most people are on social medias in the morning and early evening, so 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM are good times to check in. Listening online means reading what people are talking about and responding frequently and accordingly.
  • Interact: If you see something interesting, get in on the conversation. Commenting on someone else’s post is one of the best ways to get your store noticed. Interact with followers, plus your trade associations, International Quilt Market, vendors and products you enjoy, even if they’re not store related. The goal here is exposure.
  • React: Answer fan posts, comments and tweets in a timely manner – the sooner the better. Smart phones allow you to post from anywhere.
  • Sell: Plug your products and services subtly. Instead of item and price, show that item in use, maybe a quilt displayed on a bed. Add people and maybe even pets to your photos for added interest.

4.What to say

Talk about product and services that make great holiday gifts. Add photos and pepper your posts with the words Christmas, Hanukkah and Holiday. Gift cards are always a favorite holiday gift, so promote them weekly.

5. Make a list of great holiday gifts.

Create a list of “Top 10 Holiday Gifts”. Post your list on all of your social medias and on your website. Add them to your email blasts and have copies available in-store, too.

6.Give incentives to those who visit your page.

Offer coupons and deals that are only available via your social medias. Encourage sign-up in-store and promote your social media only offers via your website, email blasts, and newsletters.

7. Use the Facebook Events tab.

The Events tab allows you to organize and promote all of your holiday happenings. You can easily invite followers and encourage them to invite their friends. You can see who coming, who’s not and who is interested.

8.Facebook ads

Facebook Ads allow you to zero in on the exact people you want to target. It’s easy and you choose the budget. Learn more here:

9.Use holiday hashtags to expand your audience.

Placing a holiday related hashtag (#), i.e. #Christmas, #holiday, #gifts, #coupons or #Santa at the end of your posts will help you connect with an audience that reaches far beyond your current followers. Hashtags and Instagram go hand in hand.

10. Back up your social media marketing in your store.

Hang signs throughout your store and in your windows that encourage customers to like and follow you. Maybe even award small incentives if they check-in while in the store.

The marketing you do on social medias to promote your store during the holidays will translate to other times of the year as well. Build momentum now and carry it through to this year and beyond!

American Quilt Retailer Contributor Kizer & BenderRich Kizer and Georganne Bender are consumer anthropologists, speakers, authors and consultants. A team since 1990, Kizer & Bender have helped thousands of companies in the service, travel, hospitality, funeral, restaurant, and retail industries grow their business. Kizer & Bender are experts on generational diversity, store design, visual merchandising, marketing and promotion, and everything retail.

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This article was originally published in the Fall 2018 Quilt Market Recap Issue of American Quilt Retailer. Download your free copy today!