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Meet Me in St. Louis–The Whole Country Caboodle

American Quilt Retailer is presenting Meet Me in St. Louis–an event designed to connect quilt shop owners with designers. Over the next few weeks we’ll be introducing you to the eight designers featured in the AQR booth (#2507) at International Quilt Market in St. Louis. ..Read More

Update to the February Issue

American Quilt Retailer printed the wrong manufacturer of Pete the Cat fabrics in our February 2017 issue. We strive hard each and every day to avoid these mistakes and regret any confusion with this wrong information. Please enjoy this more detailed explanation of the Pete the Cat collection:....Read More

Let’s Review


Independent Shop Owners: As your day comes to a close or as you sit down tonight, take a few minutes and review your Small Business Saturday. Ask yourself some questions: more

Fold-it Up and Sell it!

As pictured in AQR’s October article Holiday Glam by Anna Woodward, we compiled step-by-step instructions, complete with photos, for fat quarter Christmas trees and stars pictured in the article. These small gift giving items make perfect last minute pick-me-ups for the sewer that “already has it all.” Customers will be scrambling for those last minute gift exchanges and this will be the perfect gift. Be prepared with this easy how-to! more

How are You Expanding Your Knowledge?

Quilt Market gives shop owners the opportunity to learn from a variety of instructors. The line-up of classes might give you ideas for new techniques to teach in the store or ways to create displays or longterm planning for your store. AQR wants to help you expand your more
     Smaller precut bundles offer mix-and-match possibilities.
Yes PC=QP. What does that mean, you ask? Precuts = Quick-Piecing. And, we know our customers like quick piecing to generate happiness! Recently we’ve seen a trend to offer smaller groups of precuts. Benefits to the shop owner are lower retail price to grab customer’s attention. Read more...
The Widening World of Wool

     Wool products and publications are more widely available than ever.
For a long time, wool, one of nature’s oldest fibers, was neglected by quilters. We were all “100% cotton or bust!” True you saw the occasional vintage wool quilt but it was likely a crazy quilt and hadn’t been quilted but rather tied. Read more...

What’s App?

    Using the new Quilt Market app at the upcoming Spring Quilt Market in Salt Lake City

Although Quilts Inc., the entity that holds the trade shows for the quilting industry, has had an app for its events since Fall 2013, the Market app was always in flux and sometimes didn’t suit all mobile devices. Read more...

Inspiration at the Diner

Recently while eating at a diner, my attention was diverted by the napkin holder on the table. Folded paper napkins were jammed upright into the metal holder. Something clicked! I envisioned that napkin holder as a model for a pre-cut selection. Call it a “Diner Six-Pack.” Read more...

Selling–Rainbow Style

Recently I attended and taught at a large quilting event in the Midwest. I realized while perusing the vendor mall that many vendors showcased practically the same fabrics! There were the usual pre-cut assortments from large fabric companies, duplicating book titles, and even look-alike sample quilts in several booths. I couldn’t help but think that vendors missed the chance to move their older fabrics by not offering pre-cuts they’d made up themselves. Read more...