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Podcast Basics: What You Need To Know


Everybody has a podcast these days. Should your business be one of them? Find out everything you need to know before you jump in.

Podcast Basics

As business owners we already have one thing many people who start podcasts don’t: a following. Before you decide to push a podcast to your audience, make sure you can provide enough information. Without the content, you don’t have a podcast.

The next thing to think about is your podcast format. Will you be the host? Will you cohost? What about special guests? Once you figure out your style you can determine how long you want the episodes to be (any where from 4 minutes to 2 hours) and how frequently you release episodes. This could be every week, every month, or seasonally to fill in your slow months.


There’s a lot of information available as to what recording software is the best. The good news is starting a podcast is cheap; it shouldn’t set you back more than $100.

Another thing to consider is editing software. Again, you’ve got a couple of options so if you have any editing experience think about what’s important to you (ease of use? amazing features?). Do your research and tailor your decision based off that.

After you get the equipment, practice before you go live. (Talking in a microphone is more difficult than you’d think!) Plus you’ll get a better idea of how to script your episodes.

Once you start the opportunities are limitless! Eventually you can get advertisers and bigger-name guests.

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Social Media Video Guide

Video Guide

We get it, video marketing is intimidating. But with 81% of businesses using video marketing in 2018, it’s time for your company to join the trend. Check out this guide on tips and tricks for two of the biggest video platforms out there.

Instagram Video

Even though you can shoot videos from the Instagram app, it’s better to have your video prepared rather than shot in the moment. But, the days of having fancy equipment to shoot a high quality video are over! There are plenty of video-editing apps available that make your phone the only needed piece of equipment.

Videos can be anywhere from 3 to 60 seconds, and figuring out the length that’s best for your audience will come after some trial and error. Be sure to pick a compelling cover photo, and remember that sound is optional on Instagram video. That means your video should make sense even if there isn’t any sound. The options of what you can shoot are limitless—time lapses of projects, tutorials, and clips from events are all good options for this platform.


Best practices for YouTube are more traditional. Audio is important on this platform, so make sure the microphone is close to your subject and they speak slowly and clearly. Cue cards can help, too.

Quality is important also. While you still don’t need fancy equipment for YouTube, the video should be stable and tastefully filmed. That means subjects shouldn’t be straight on and the video has a purpose.

There are so many technical aspects about video that make filming just the beginning. What apps does your business like to use? What websites helped you dip your toes into video?

Video has some of the best engagement rates for social media; the trick is finding out what your audience wants to see. Remember, practice makes perfect and the best way to get good at video is simply by doing it.

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