American Quilt Retailer: June 2021 Issue

Two years ago I presented my Disrupt the Mountain talk at Spring Quilt Market in Kansas City. (Need to re-watch or see it again? It’s available on our YouTube channel or search American Quilt Retailer Disrupt the Mountain and Climb to Success.) I recently watched it and was reminded of how important making changes in our path can be. Now, I’ll be the first to say we don’t need another world-wide pandemic to create changes in my business. But as we look back on this past year aren’t you glad you were able to make some of the changes you did. I know I am! Yes, it’s been stressful. Yes, it’s been challenging. Yes, it’s been crazy!! But I wouldn’t change one thing about it. I think the challenge is now, how do we keep the change going? The momentum has changed in my store and I don’t want it to slow down or go back to the old “normal”.

What are you doing in your shop to keep the momentum moving forward? I’ve been exploring my business strategy. The first thing o the to-do list to evaluate my goals and objectives. My financial goals have changed. My customer base has changed. In my strategy I want to define what my business needs to do to reach its goals. This can help guide the decision-making process for hiring staff and knowing where to put my money. For example, our website is a critical resource for our customers both for shopping and finding information and inspiration. It was appropriate to hire a new staff member with the bulk of her job focusing on updating and improving our website.

Have you taken time to look at your business in this way?

  • From the Editor
  • Today’s Trends: Premier Needle Arts shares recent survey results about the quilt industry.
  • Getting Personal: Sommer Leigh directs us on getting in touch with our customers.
  • What’s Different?: Challenge yourself with Tom Shay to look at areas in your business that have changed, or could change.
  • Let’s Go Shopping! Up your display game with do’s and don’ts from Kizer & Bender.
  • Make More Money: Get out the magnifying glass and examine every cost in your business with tips from Gwen Bortner.
  • Materials Matter: Find the latest fabrics and designs about to hit your store shelves.
  • Hot Picks: Check out products and notions to offer to your customers.
  • Book Nook: Learn more about three new books via interviews with the authors.
  • Know Your Break-Even Point: Understand what the numbers in your business mean with help from Jacob Curtis.
  • Invest In Yourself: You are an important asset to your business and need to be cared for.
  • Free-to-Use Pattern: Everyday Stitches shares tips and suggestions for making the most of this issue’s Free-to-Use Project, Hugs and More Hugs.
  • Online Resources: Take advantage of the many resources on our website.

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