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Online Marketing Tips (Just in Time for the Holidays)

Online Marketing

With the Holidays in full swing, it’s important to cater to your customer more than ever. Check out these online marketing tips to increase your online sales.

Marketing Ads

When creating ads online make sure to know what buzz or keywords your audience searches for. Then tailor your messaging around those words. This audience-specific messaging is more likely to cross their path.

If you’re trying to get your products featured on a Google search, head over Google Merchant Center’s Promotions feature for help with that. If potential customers are searching for a product you sell online, you can get it in front of them (bonus tip; offering a discount or free shipping helps also).

Other ideas

Other ideas include putting a pop-up ad on your website with a discount option when the customer signs up for your newsletter.

Another way to help is through creating gift guides. This way you can promote the products you love, while helping with gift ideas for mom, dad, or a distant cousin.

Speaking of gift guides, there’s nothing easier than a gift card option. Be sure to make them available both in-store and online.

Lastly, don’t forget to offer curbside pickup. That’s one COVID trend that’s definitely not going away.

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Customers, online shopping, and you

online storeYou put in all the time and effort to create an online store, but now what?

The next logical step is to get customers to use it. Like anything new, that’s not easy to do. Check out these steps to help drive consumers to your website.

  1. Pay for it. I know, those three words were probably what you were trying to avoid, but you have to spend money to make money. Google AdWords is the best way to see your money well spent, and making this move will almost guarantee increased traffic to your website. Plus, the only time you have to pay for your advertisement is when someone clicks on it.
  2. Quality content, across multiple platforms. We’ll talk about what platforms are the best to use next, but first we’ll go over what we mean by quality content. Think about the last time you searched a restaurant online and thought, “Wow, I’d eat there!” Note that the images you viewed were the images the business put out. Think about that every time you’re thinking of what you want to post.
  3. Now we’ll cover what platforms you should promote your business on. Since you’re promoting your online store, you should promote your business online. The first way is through the medium you’re reading this—a blog. If you don’t plan on being consistent about posting, then you’re better off sending an email blast to your base.
  4. After you’ve posted some initial information about your new website, then you can start having guest bloggers, or an Instagram takeover, to get to people you wouldn’t otherwise have access to. A local celebrity will likely have a different following and reach even further than you could on your own.
  5. Lastly (dare I say it) you need to make videos. I’m sure you’ve figured out that having an online store isn’t all easy, and now you can add video as one of the reasons. However, video is the king of what people want to see.

Stay posted about what you can do to get people to come to your online store. The industry is always changing and we’re here to help each other’s businesses in any way we can.

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