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AQR Academy Fall 2021 – Smarketing! (This workshop is now over, buy the recording-listen anytime.)

Identifying and integrating positive behavioral practices when serving customers is paramount to achieve “Smarketing”, or Smart Marketing. Learn how to influence the interaction whether it takes place face to face, on the telephone or in an email transaction. Transform your business and solidify loyal customers.

All registrants will also receive: The recording of the day’s events PLUS a fabulous Swag Bag Box full of products from our Advertisers and Sponsors! (Swag Bag Boxes will be mailed to all registrants in October.)


Morning Session:

Welcome: Heidi Kaisand

Renegade Ninja Networking Tips:
3 Stealth Fail-Proof Ways to Enchant Your Audience & Gain Customers!

“Smarketing” – What does it mean to delight the customer? To create customer loyalty? (Part 1)

    Customer’s Perception: Understanding the Customer’s Experience
    People Do Business with People They Trust
    The Emotional Attachment: What Business are you really in?
    How do you Want to Be Perceived?


Afternoon Session:

Your Mindset Matters:
Rediscover and Reinvest in Yourself! Our understanding of ourselves and how we think impacts every aspect of our lives. Investing in developing your skills, knowledge, and utilizing best practices through the lens of your strengths is a game changer!

“Smarketing” – What does it mean to delight the customer? To create customer loyalty? (Part 2)

    Mehrabian Study: Face to Face Communications/Telephone Communications.
    The Five Step Customer Loyalty Model: G.E.D.E.C.

What’s Next and Thank You: Heidi Kaisand

Diamond Sponsor: Jaftex Diamond Sponsor:QT Fabrics
Silver Sponsor: P&B Textiles


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