2022 AQR Academy All Access Membership


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AQR Academy 2022: 12 90-minute Workshops via Zoom
The articles in the magazine come alive at AQR Academy 2022. Talk first hand with business experts who have written articles in the current issue.

Membership includes the following:
  • Automatic registration to all 2022 AQR Academy Workshops; virtual events live via Zoom covering topics critical to running your business
  • 24-hour access to all AQR Academy 2022 Workshop recordings and handouts as they happen via AQR.com account
  • Exclusive bonus information not included in the magazine
  • The opportunity to receive guidance tailored for your specific needs and situation
  • Opportunity to connect, network and learn from like-minded industry professionals
  • Actionable insights and perspectives that will help your shop thrive
  • Invitation to join a private Facebook group where you can further connect with other retailers to share ideas
  • Access to experts in the industry
AQR Academy 2022: 12 (1 per month) 90-minute Workshops (March 2022-February 2023)
2 Workshops associated with each of the 6 issues in 2022. Each Workshop will explore one article in the current issue in greater detail. (Example: February issue; one workshop March and one workshop April.) Workshops will feature a live appearance by the author of selected article who will delve further into the subject and answer your questions about how to make this concept work successfully for your store. Workshops will also include bonus content not included in the magazine in the form of a printable handout for reference whenever you would like. All workshops will also be recorded, watch and listen anytime!
Sponsored by: Olfa

In order to get the most out of each AQR Academy Workshop, we suggest you also subscribe to the magazine. If you are not already a subscriber to AQR, please subscribe here.


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