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Personalizing your Package


We’ve all opened a beautifully wrapped package. The extra warmth that attention to detail and a note of sincerity provides is worth shopping with the business again. Read on for package stuffers that do this as well as further your brand and your client relationships.

Package Marketing

To determine what sort of package stuffer to design, first determine your end goal. What do you want the client to do next? Then work backwards to decide what goes in the package.

Next, ask yourself why you want to include the item. The “why” should align with your purpose of including it also. Keep in mind your audience, not everybody will want the same type of marketing.

Stuffer Ideas

When it comes to the number of stuffers you can include, the possibilities are endless. See below for top items.

  • Invitation to purchase again: Provide a discount on an item they can purchase online. Include a QR code with a link to your site or the promotion.
  • Engagement: Looking to add more readers to your newsletter? Encourage shoppers to sign up for 20% off their next purchase.
  • Free item: The options are limitless but some items can be digital. Perhaps a free online pattern?
  • Something unique to you: Have leftover samples? Include them in your package as an add-on.
  • Something unique to them: This is perfect for customers you know well. Creating something you know is just for them.
  • Promotion: This is best for a monthly subscription. Promotions are always going on—let your customer know what’s next.
  • Save the Date: Send a save the date to drive engagement to your next event.
  • Branded invoice: Make numbers less boring by adding a simple thank you note at the bottom of your colorful and personalized receipt.
  • A handwritten note: Need I say more? A handwritten note goes a long way.
  • Next step: This all-encompassing option makes it simple to wrap multiple of these options into one card.

Inspiration for this post came from “Hand It Off” by Amber Griffiths published in the August 2022 issue of American Quilt Retailer.

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Personalize the Shopping Experience

Personalize with e-commerce

Nobody likes to feel like just another number. Personalize the shopping experience for your customers with these e-commerce tools

Personalize through data

The internet has brought everyone closer. But the internet has also given us the age-old realization that we are just one in a million. That’s why sales is moving to a more personalized method; every customer should feel noticed. Make sure you have methods in place to make that happen.

One such way is through e-commerce tools. E-commerce tools track and record your customers habits. Let’s say you have a customer who purchases the same product every three months. Your e-commerce tool can highlight this data point, and help you increase the likelihood of more sales through targeted outreach. A good place to start is by scheduling a coupon to send one week before the next deadline approaches.

E-commerce tools

Check out some of the e-commerce tools available to your business.

  • Google Optimize: This tool integrates best with Google Analytics, and offers A/B testing so if you’re struggling on how to best communicate with your customers, this may be the tool for you.
  • Personyze: Personyze offers personalized content across multiple channels (email, website, and app) so your message remains consistent. Small businesses can get a free version or you can pay a monthly fee for trafficked business.
  • Segment: Does data seem overwhelming? Segment tracks data and translates it into an easy-to-consume format. This platform starts free then changes to a monthly fee.
  • Apptus: Sell, baby, sell. Apptus does everything it can to get your customer to click that “checkout” button. This is also a good option to create personalized product, email recommendations, promotions, and banner ads as well.
  • Geo Targetly: If your audience is spread over a wide geographic region, this may be your best approach. It offers a great way to make your customer feel seen while offering the small business feel.
  • Qwardo: You know those chat robots that respond automatically? Well you can have one too thanks to Qwardo. This platform also offers A/B testing so you can also provide a tailored message to each customer.

Inspiration for this post came from “Get TECH Savvy,” by Sommer Leigh published in the December 2020 issue of American Quilt Retailer. Stay tuned for more ways to remain tech savvy.

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