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State of Hiring


With talks of a recession imminent, many employers are reviewing hiring. Nobody can predict the future but something else can provide context: Data. Read on for some of HireVue’s insights.

Who is HireVue?

First, you’re probably wondering who HireVue is and why their data matters.

To start, HireVue is a company that connects businesses to candidates by providing video interviewing software, conversational AI, and pre-hire assessments.

Now, about their outlook. There are a lot of really smart people who say a recession is imminent and there are other really smart people who don’t think that’s the case.

CEO of HireVue Anthony Reynolds believes “the economy will continue to be strong, if a little wonky.” Below are the data points Reynolds reviewed to come to this conclusion.

Hiring Statistics: Pros

  • There are 2 job openings for every 1 person unemployed
    • These numbers are global and come from HireVue’s 800+ customers
  • HireVue customers sent 17 million chat and text messages
    • Up 1.4 million from last quarter
  • Government hiring has tripled since 2020
    • More specifically, public sector hiring increased 17% since last quarter
  • Skills assessments are up 700,000 from last quarter
    • Compared to only 50,000 last quarter

Hiring Statistics: Cons

  • Interview volume is down slightly from 2.1 to 1.8 million
  • Hourly positions still have a worker shortage


In summary, this blog post could have a completely different tone in Q3, but only time will tell. The past two years have been difficult for all small businesses and yet you’ve remained resilient. What’s a little more to keep us on our toes?

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Re-Opening Your Business


Each state is responding to the coronavirus differently, and that includes when businesses are allowed to re-open.

Within the next week, 20 states are loosening restrictions—with most attention going to Georgia—as they have had the most aggressive re-opening response. Cities and counties within these states can differ on their re-opening to, so pay attention to your local news to get the most accurate information on when restrictions will be lifted in your area.

Deciding whether or not to reopen your business ultimately comes down to you and your employees. Safety should remain the highest priority, and maintaining a feeling of safety for your employees is also critical.

If you do decide to reopen, here are some things to know.

Reopening requirements

Each state is going to be different, and some states have specific requirements. As a rule of thumb, make sure your employees wear masks at all times, and make masks to provide to your customers to wear while shopping too. Cloth masks should be hand washed after each use, and don’t let your store get so full your customers can’t adhere to the 6-foot social distancing rule.

Store cleaning should be increased too. Consider adding wipes, towels, or cleaner by the door so patrons don’t have to touch the surface. Find ways to sanitize your payment options; wipe the pin pad after a card transaction or provide a stylus to be cleaned after each use. Other surfaces and countertops should be frequently cleaned throughout the day as well.

If someone coughs or sneezes on a surface, clean it promptly. According to the CDC, you should wipe the surface first with soap and water, then clean the surface again with a disinfectant. Soft surfaces, such as fabric, will need to be washed. Don’t shake out contaminated soft surfaces, as that can spread the virus as well. Gloves should be worn while cleaning these surfaces, and you should wash your hands after removing your gloves. Lastly, if you allow patrons to use your restroom, clean the room after each use.

These steps will help prepare your location to re-open. Next week we’ll cover how to keep your employees protected, and what policies to change to provide them peace of mind.

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