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State of Hiring


With talks of a recession imminent, many employers are reviewing hiring. Nobody can predict the future but something else can provide context: Data. Read on for some of HireVue’s insights.

Who is HireVue?

First, you’re probably wondering who HireVue is and why their data matters.

To start, HireVue is a company that connects businesses to candidates by providing video interviewing software, conversational AI, and pre-hire assessments.

Now, about their outlook. There are a lot of really smart people who say a recession is imminent and there are other really smart people who don’t think that’s the case.

CEO of HireVue Anthony Reynolds believes “the economy will continue to be strong, if a little wonky.” Below are the data points Reynolds reviewed to come to this conclusion.

Hiring Statistics: Pros

  • There are 2 job openings for every 1 person unemployed
    • These numbers are global and come from HireVue’s 800+ customers
  • HireVue customers sent 17 million chat and text messages
    • Up 1.4 million from last quarter
  • Government hiring has tripled since 2020
    • More specifically, public sector hiring increased 17% since last quarter
  • Skills assessments are up 700,000 from last quarter
    • Compared to only 50,000 last quarter

Hiring Statistics: Cons

  • Interview volume is down slightly from 2.1 to 1.8 million
  • Hourly positions still have a worker shortage


In summary, this blog post could have a completely different tone in Q3, but only time will tell. The past two years have been difficult for all small businesses and yet you’ve remained resilient. What’s a little more to keep us on our toes?

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