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Monthly Planning

monthly planning

Take control of your time through planning.

This post is for anyone feeling overwhelmed and like they never have the time to get projects done. Read on for tips on how to can clean your calendar and schedule the time to reach your goals.

Start Fresh

Similar to any cleaning project, what’s the first thing you do? Empty it out of course! Emptying your calendar is a little more difficult than that, but there is a work around.

First, start with a blank calendar. Next, fill in nonnegotiables, like working out, picking up kids, etc. Then block off any appointments that happen each week. Finally, fill in projects that move you and your business forward. The time this takes will vary person-to-person, but make sure it becomes a date on the calendar and not just something to do someday.

Last but not least, finish with your tasks. This can be working on books, social media, marketing, etc. If any of these can be made into categories put them on the calendar on days you’d like to complete them. The best part about this piece is that some tasks only need to be done once or twice a month.

Planning Around Your Schedule

Now, reality sets in. It’s time to compare your ideal calendar with what’s really happening. Is there anything you can move to be more intentional with your time? Can anything be integrated so you can be closer to the ideal?

Patience is key here as the ideal is just a goal. Remember, you control your calendar. Don’t let your calendar control you!

Inspiration for this post came from “Take Charge of Your Calendar” by Julie Miller Davis published in the June 2022 issue of American Quilt Retailer.

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