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Quilt Market was all aflutter with butterflies—these beautiful creatures even made our market review story (page 36). Windham and Anthology captured everyone’s attention in the aisles with their quilted butterfly beauty (designed and made by Natalie Crabtree; quilted by Holly Seever).

These days as a retailer, I feel a lot like a butterfly. A butterfly goes through an amazing transformation from a caterpillar to getting its wings as a butterfly.You could say that shop owners make a similar change.We all started out passionate about quilting, but as retailers in 2019, we need to be equally passionate about being a retailer, transforming from quilter to retail master.

When I found the quote “Live your life like a butterfly. Take a rest sometimes, but never forget to fly, I loved it because it was exactly what I wanted to say to you—it’s ok to change, it’s ok to make changes in your life and in your business.

If we don’t, our stores will die and close.We must make whatever transformation is needed to survive in today’s economy and with the ever-changing shopping landscape.

As you make those changes, whether subtle or drastic, it’s also ok to take a break. Rest. Rejuvenate. Get your second wind.Then fly. Get up and get going. Fly like you’ve never flown before.

When you live like a butterfly, you’ll maybe appear to be delicate and fragile, but you’ll have the strength to fly farther than you can ever imagine.

In Every Issue

  • From the Editor, Connect with AQR Online
  • On the Cover
  • Book Nook
    • Learn about the latest books in the quilting industry.
  • An Invitation to Try Wool Appliqué, Free-to-Use Pattern
    • Kathy Cardi of The Cottage at Cardi Farms successfully combines a passion for both sewing and gardening, finding inspiration for her wool appliqué designs in her beautiful, well-tended flower gardens. Her charming designs invite all to try their hand at this technique.

Business Savvy

  • Making Best Practices Work for You
    • Leanne Pressly tells how observing changing best practices is vital to keep your business thriving.
  • Build Strong Online Relationships
    • Sommer Sharon shares advice for fostering online relationships with your customers.
  • Who Are You Fishing For?
  • Become the Leader Your Business Needs
    • Life coach Beth Montpas reviews leadership principles that will take you—and your team—to the top.

Check It Out

  • Mister Domestic
    • Mathew Boudreaux’s life is built upon gratitude and joy—and so is his quilting industry brand.
  • Interior Moves
    • Retail experts Rich Kizer and Georganne Bender show examples of how to manage your sales floor to engage customers.
  • Market Finds
    • The AQR staff shares a glimpse into the trends, products, and displays seen at International Quilt Market.
  • Hiring Teachers for Your Classroom: The Interview
    • Ask the right questions and get the right teacher.
  • Online Resources
    • See what’s available for you at the refreshed AQR website.


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