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Your Store and You

When was the last time you walked into a small business and it took your breath away?

If you have to think about it, maybe it’s time to revamp your store!

I’m sure we’ve all had that wow moment, when we opened up the door into a shop and came into something completely unexpected. That’s the feeling our stores should give us every single time.

This blog talks about having your social presence reflect who you are, but shouldn’t your store do that too?

On the surface, being a business owner doesn’t seem to give much room for creativity. But when it comes to your store, you have just that.

We as creatives know what image we want our product to have, so curate your store to be like the life you want to have, too.

hunt and gather.jpeg
The facade of one of the best curated stores I’ve ever been to. (Hunt & Gather in Minneapolis, MN)

That means if you like your life a little cluttered and messy, then that’s okay to have your store like that! No, I’m not kidding, throw away that traditional cookie cutter nonsense and give your store that thrift-shop vibe if that’s what you want.

If you like things cookie cutter, then go way cookie cutter. If purple is your favorite color, then have everything in your store be purple. If DIY is your thing, then DIY everything in sight until it’s exactly what you want. Heck, even have your husband help you make the tables!

Have what’s next for your store constantly on the back of your mind, curating an appearance takes time so take it, it’s the one thing on your to-do list that can wait. Start with what you have and do some experimenting to see what works and what doesn’t, what customers like and don’t, but most importantly what takes their breath away.

There’s always something to do with our stores, and it’s easy to become complicit in the way they look. If you keep changing up things around the store though, you never have to worry about it staying the same.

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