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Martingale to Distribute Stitch Publications Books

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 8.15.42 PMNews flash! Stitch Publications, a Seattle based publishing company, will now have their books distributed worldwide by Martingale.

Stitch Publications may be best known for translating Yoko Saito’s Japanese quilt books into English. Yoko Saito, known for her precise needlework and taupe color palette, has had 11 books translated into English by Stitch Publications.

Stitch Publications has a goal of finding craft books outside of the United States and introducing them to the English stitching world, while maintaining the original intent of the authors and creators.

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Stitch Publications journey was years in the making. The owner, an American born and raised overseas, eventually had a career in software that enabled her to travel the world. Many stitch-related books were bought during these excursions, and in 2011 Stitch Publications was born to introduce new approaches to color, technique, and design in the United States.

Through partnering with Martingale, a 40 year old company known for publishing works on quilting, sewing, knitting, and crocheting, Stitch Publications can boast a support system with over 3,000 books that have sold over 24 million copies.

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 8.16.29 PMSaito’s books vary widely, from topic to skill level. Her 11 books include cute and easy projects as well as more difficult and extravagant undertakings. Saito has published two books on bag making with over 45 traditional block patterns and Saito’s favorite fabrics. Other books get sentimental including story quilts, inspired from Saito’s own life as well as holidays, school, and animals.

Saito shares her signature skills in a book on taupe color theory and another with 130 original appliqué designs. Although known for her Japanese inspirations, Saito’s Scandinavian quilt book also features her delicate needlework and beautiful floral patterns. Single patterns are available for wall hangings, table runners, wreaths, pouches, and more.

The next time you’re looking for creative inspiration or a gift for a fellow craft-lover, keep your eye out for one of Stitch Publications unique books.

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