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Fourth of July Crafts

Even though it seems like summer has just started, the Fourth of July is already here! Check out these five craft ideas you can add to your window display to celebrate the holiday of the summer.

  1. American Flag Backdrop. Cut up strips of red, white, and combined red and white material you have in stock at your store and tie them to burlap string. Find some blue material with stars and pin to the top left corner—and there you have it, a homemade flag that doubles as a backdrop!
  2. Handkerchief quilt. Make the quickest quilt ever with red, white, and blue handkerchiefs. You’ll need three of each color, and after a little sewing with quarter-inch seams, you’ll have a patriotic quilt hanging in your window in no time.
  3. Cardstock wreath. Wreaths are every crafters favorite project because they’re known for being quick, easy, and cute. You’ll need red, white, and blue cardstock, and cardboard a little smaller than what you want your wreath to be. Roll the cardstock into cones, and glue them to the cardboard, stacking them on top of each other in a circle. Cover the center with a fanned piece of cardstock in the color of your choice.
  4. Clothespin flags. Probably the most self explanatory craft, paint clothespins and glue them together so they make a miniature version of our nation’s flag.
  5. Patriotic string lights. You’ll need red, white, and blue yarn, 5-inch balloons, petroleum jelly, and string lights. Inflate the balloons. Soak the yarn in two parts petroleum jelly to one part water. Tie the yarn to the tied end of the balloon, and wrap. Wait 48 hours. Pop the balloons and remove them from the yarn. Place balls of string over lights and voilà! Your own DIY string lights.

Don’t fret if time is short, these crafts will transform your window display so you’re ready to celebrate.

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