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Disrupt the Mountain!



Disrupt the Mountain is a special publication from American Quilt Retailer originally written for the Keynote Schoolhouse at 2019 Spring Quilt Market. This special issue was relevant then but it is even more relevant now. Learn how you can switch it up and keep things moving forward. Watch the presentation, free, here!

I’m playing big and I want you to be on this journey with me. If I had a chance to sit with each of you for even 10 minutes, I know we’d form a friendship. We are quilters. Quilters may buy fabric and thread and make beautiful works of art, but I believe at our core, we are all wanting experiences and relationships that deepen our lives.

Eight years ago, when the idea of opening my own quilt shop and retreat center became a reality, I dreamed of providing people with a place to feel comfortable and able to be creative. That’s what the public sees when they look at Hen & Chicks Studio.

But there was also another deep desire—to be a small business owner who runs a profitable and efficient business. Working hard behind the scenes to manage and grow my business using solid business practices. We may have fun doing what we do, but I take running my business seriously.

When the opportunity to purchase American Quilt Retailer came along in 2015, it truly disrupted what I was doing and helped me climb up the next mountain. Today we are shaking things up again, making presentations and producing products that will help us reach shop owners and help you run your business. Kudos to founder Susan Fuquay for having the foresight 25 years ago to create a publication that would inspire and educate business owners.


  • From the Editor
  • Celebrate Your Team
    • Recognition and reward is essential to a good team.
  • Digital Marketing Strategies to Disrupt Your Industry
    • Help your business soar to the next mountain with solid digital plans.
  • 100 People You Should Know
    • Meet 100 of the outstanding individuals who in uence our industry.
  • Creative Chaos
    • Bridge online and brick-and-mortar businesses with savvy retail ideas.
  • Blazing the Trail to New Destinations
    • New ideas are awesome, but be sure to bring along your customers!
  • Know (and Grow!) Your Business
    • We know why we love what we do, but do we know the how?
  • Free-to-Use Pattern
    • Susan Fuquay designed the Prairie Flower bookmark for the very first issue.
    • Check out the online resources available at our refreshed website.


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