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Ukraine Quilters Fundraiser

Quilter Stand for Ukraine

Quilters always come to each other’s needs. At the beginning of the pandemic, quilters equipped family, friends, and entire communities with PPE in the form of masks despite a shortage. Now, quilters are joining together to help other quilters abroad.

Quilters Stand with Ukraine

We wanted to share this fundraiser our friend Pat Sloan started called “Quilters Stand for Ukraine.”

Pat was inspired to do something after President of the Ukrainian Quilters Guild Maria Nelga asked for help. Currently, Maria is helping children of Ukraine flee to Poland. The goal is to raise enough money to keep kids safe until they can gain refugee status.

Pat also created a blue and yellow star-within-a-star quilt block and pattern in solidarity for Ukraine. See below for what you can do:

  • Donate what you can to UNICEF
  • Download Pat’s quilt pattern
  • Make the block or quilt
  • Share the fundraiser using the hashtag #QuiltersStandForUkraine with all your quilting and non-quilting friends

Check out Pat’s blog or watch her short video for more information.

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Fall Trends

Fall Trends

New York Fashion Week may have ended, but Fall trends are just beginning. Stock up on these items in your store to stay ahead of the supply and demand game.

Fall Trends

  1. Brush strokes. Step aside tie-dye, this print is adding pops of color in new ways.
  2. Monochrome. Forget about black, wearing all of one color (either in one shade or multiple) is one of this Fall’s trends.
  3. Colors. Speaking of color, orange, pink, and yellow were seen time and again during NYFW. Even though orange could be found everywhere, pink was another standout. Don’t think of the soft, subtle shade known as millennial pink but instead get bright, bold, almost fuchsia-like shades. Speaking of generations, Generation Z seems to have opted for a pastel and muted yellow to define it’s generational mood.
  4. Half and half. Color may be coming back, but with this new trend you don’t have to pick just one. The half-and-half trend manifests in both horizontal and vertical folds.
  5. Over the top. The more glitter, rhinestone, or shine a material provides the better. This season is all about being in-your-face so don’t shy away from loud fabrics.
  6. Leather. Faux and real leather has always been around, but leather pieces could be found from head to toe.

As the weather transitions to shorter days and cooler temperatures, you may also be transitioning your store and inventory. What trends have you noticed from suppliers or competitors? How often does your store make seasonal changes? If you’re business is in the process of getting rid of summer inventory and restocking for winter, keep the above trends in mind.

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