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2021 Autumn Trends

Autumn trends

This week marks the first official week of autumn. With Quilt Market being postponed, we thought we’d help you get ahead of this fall’s trends.

What’s Trending

True to the autumn season, velvet is hot. More specifically, stock your selection with crushed velvets. The variegated tones are a nice change from the typically solid-toned texture.

Knitting is also back! Get people prepped to spend a winter indoors with patterns for sweaters and other applications for the chunky knit design. While stocking your yarn, keep in mind cream is this season’s favorite color.

Speaking of yarn, Western styles (with fringe included of course) is going to be everywhere. Fringe will especially be seen on scarves, coats, and other layering accessories.

Autumn Favorites

Earth tones have always been a staple to mark the transition to winter. This year’s top color is a warm brown-orange (think clay) or more specifically the color Adobe by Pantone.

On top of this, greens are back. Any green from the range of a true tone to a loud and bright one, verging on the brink of neon. This might be due to the hints of the 80s we keep seeing around. A lot of these hints include mixed prints also.

What are you waiting for? Add the above themes to your store (that I’m sure is already decked with pumpkins, gourds, and cinnamon-like smells).

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Fall for These Autumn 2017 Trends

It’s well after Labor Day and fall is just around the corner.

Days will get shorter, weather will get cooler, and your store will see fewer customers scurrying for their last-minute county fair project supplies.

But the end of summer doesn’t have to mean the end of a busy store. Keep customers coming back with these trending fall projects.

Fringe: Did it ever go out of style? Tassel earrings are all the rage this season, and are easy do-it-yourself projects. Just have embroidery floss and ear wires on hand, and maybe a printed step-by-step tutorial on how to tie the bundles with your stores’ logo near by. Incorporate these into your display windows with a jewelry holder or mannequin head to advertise the project more.

Colors: Pantone’s color of the year is greenery, but other popular patterns are dark romantic florals, velvet, and neutral plaids. Incorporate the soft and subtle color into those three patterns, and collect bolts of fabric that have the color in their own section in your store. This could also help inspire Christmas gifts outside of the traditional Christmas green colors.

Cork: Wine seems to be the drink of choice for most women, and like any do-it-yourselfer, the best projects are done with supplies found at home. Encourage friends to save wine corks, and make your own display projects of Christmas trees, picture frames, candle holders, and coasters. Think of the corks as lincoln logs, and all you need is hot glue to get the project done.

Although these projects are far from the traditional quilting projects, they’re extra encouragement for customers to come into your store, and extra fun for you. With less time outside comes more time spent indoors, so enjoy this sweater weather and your crafts.

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