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How your craft helps your store


When work on your craft weans your business also suffers. Finding the time, money, and support to stay up to date on your craft can prove a difficult challenge.

Read on to discover ways to stay in the game, and how your craft helps your business too.


How can we find the time to work on what we love? We get it, some days it’s easiest to come home, make dinner, and turn on the TV. You’re not alone in wanting to kick back. Try some of these hacks used by busy mothers and quilt shop owners to find the time to work on the hobby you love.

Enlist help. Consider working on something the entire family can join in on. Or, if you’d rather work on a project with people your own age, plan a retreat for your friends to work on a project with you.

If a schedule is something you need, write in time in your planner to work on your hobby just like you would a haircut or a meeting. Or, if your day is full of interruptions, put your quilt blocks in a room you’re always in. Perhaps the kitchen table, to pick up and work on while you’re making coffee or waiting for someone to arrive.


Another major barrier to working on your craft is money. If some projects feel like they’re too expensive, think about it this way. If you make something fabulous with the most expensive products and hang it in your store, your store will benefit too. Customers will ask questions about what you used and will buy those products so their project can look as great as yours.


Remember, it’s ok to ask for help. If you miss working on your craft, ask your spouse to help with child care one weekend afternoon. If you have a birthday or holiday coming up, consider asking for supplies or a retreat as a gift so you can continue your work. Everyone likes to see someone in their life thrive, and oftentimes asking for help is the easiest way to get there.

Inspiration for this blog post came from “Don’t be a hypocrite” by Beth Montpas published in the June 2020 issue of American Quilt Retailer.

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