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Great Display

By now you probably have your 2020 planning completed (or about there anyway) but I’m sure you’re saving some ideas for later. Check out these display tips and ideas we gathered at last fall’s Quilt Market.

Display Tips

  • Eye hooks: A great way to display quilts is with this pragmatic idea; eye hooks and clothespins. The folks at Everyday Stitches used the display idea to help customers out with frequently asked questions: “What patterns are fat quarter friendly, what patterns are simple, and what patterns are fast?” Graphics and patterns were included above the display quilts.
  • Tidy: Being neat not only looks nice, but make shopping easier for your customers too. Just take Elizabeth Hartman‘s idea of using a library card system as a way to showcase her new fabrics. The library cards include the sku of the fabric they’re in.


  • Seasonal themes: Don’t be afraid to be bold. Stephanie Brandenburg of Frond Design Studios did just that by incorporating an outdoor patio table and umbrella stand in her display. Editor of American Quilt Retailer Heidi Kaisand loved the idea so much she went home and implemented the idea in her store!
Display idea
  • Wearable items: Brandenburg also shows both traditional and modern ways of using fabric with her mannequin that shows a garment and a wearable pin. Brandenburg is known for creating unconventional artwork that just so happens to coincide perfectly with Frond Design Studios’ brand.
Fabric display

What display ideas do you have for your store? What processes have you found streamline the display process? Leave a comment below of ideas that have worked great for you, and ideas you’re leaving in 2019.

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