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Winter Window Display

Continuing the theme of Heidi’s iDiscover chat—scheduled for next week on the topic of store design—is the often-overlooked window display. Believe it or not, window displays are still a vital element to retail merchandising. Outlined are tips to get you into the holiday spirit to spice up your window display; and maybe even attract some new customers during your town’s annual holiday festival.

This window display does a great job at varying height and keeping the product featured at a minimum. Plus, the simple design reflects the company’s brand.


  1. Plan one month in advance. Many winter open houses are already less than one month away, but no worries, the sooner you start planning the easier (and more polished) your window display will look. This means sketching your idea, gathering supplies, and having a plan B if your craft doesn’t exactly pan out.
  2. Clean your window before you begin. Just because you don’t think anyone else will notice those dead flies sitting in the sill doesn’t mean you shouldn’t clean your window! I know taking the old display down and storing it for next year is  a daunting task, but a clean window is the foundation for a stunning display.
  3. Have a focal piece. Preferably one of your more-pricey products, but try to keep the number of products in your display to a minimum. Be sure this piece is kept at eye level to grab your customers’ attention.
  4. Layer. Multiple layers of height will add more to your display than you realize, even if your design-style is simple and sleek. And don’t focus on blocking the view into your store, this just gives customers a peek into what they’re missing out on.
  5. Forget the “Sale Sale Sale!” signs. One sign should be plenty to get your sale across. Instead, focus on being consistent with your theme. Plus, the more crafting you get to do, the more fun you’ll have getting this project out of the way. Maybe a customer will even ask how created what you did (aka the ultimate compliment for a crafter)!
The time spent on this bold window display is evident; don’t be afraid to go big—just start planning now.

The holidays provide plenty of inspiration for what to include in your display, the hard part is deciding on how to narrow that down. Don’t be afraid to be daring; this is your business’s chance to show off just how awesome you really are! Think of your store’s window as the pitch to get customers inside.

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