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Steps to find investors

Asking for money isn’t easy, but neither is your next big project. Check out the list below for ideas on where to begin and how to maximize your chances.

  • Business schools. Not only do they have scholarships for students, but they have scholarships for businesses too. Check out your alma mater, or a school near by with an accredited program. If administration isn’t much help, try calling professors and guest speakers to see if they can point you in the right direction.
  • Friends and family. Starting a business means asking for favors from the closest people to you. Of course you don’t have to ask them for money, but you can ask them for recommendations or ideas. Don’t forget to utilize them to critique your pitch, too—the better the pitch the easier it is to get money.
  • Online. LinkedIn is a great place to start; if we’re going to promote our business on that platform why wouldn’t we promote what our business is trying to do and ask for help getting there? Websites like GoFundMe make this process especially easy and legitimate.
  • Local entrepreneurs. Local businesses are always trying to support and build up other local businesses. Ask for the community to return the favor so that you can give more to the community.

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Remember that less is more, so keep your pitch simple and relatable, while still selling yourself. Practice your pitch, record it, then ask if you would donate to yourself. Back your pitch up with a model that has worked, and get your business plan as thorough as possible so you’re ready for any questions you may receive.

At the end of the process, you’ll be happy with the work you put in. After all, if you can’t get something if you don’t ask for it.

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