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New Conference at Quilt Market 2019, Inc. is offering a new conference at Quilt Market 2019 titled Threads of Success.

The educational experience will run concurrently with the Quilt Market in Houston, TX happening October 26-28, 2019, targeting those new to the industry and those trying to make a breakthrough in the industry too.

The conference will focus on four areas including writing, online retail, and fabric and pattern design. There will be 36 classes geared toward those topics, along with others covering the basics of copyright law, accounting, and finance.

In addition to the classes, the conference will also include three breakfasts and two luncheons with keynote speakers, and a mentorship program who can help guide you along the process of turning your passion into your career.

And don’t worry about missing out on the Market fun, you’ll have time to enjoy the trade show floor on the last day!

This conference provides opportunities to network and get all your questions answered so you can avoid making costly mistakes when you get your business up and running. Any question you need answered—how do I get published, how do I increase my online presence, how do I manage money, and more—is what this conference is all about.

“Threads of Success will bring together our industry hopefuls and our most successful and respected industry leaders,” said Director of Education for Quilts, Inc. Marcia Barker. “It is truly a win-win for all. The participants will have access to those experienced in all aspects of the industry, providing answers to their lingering questions and perhaps some they haven’t even thought of yet! Because isn’t that the true strength of gathering talent? To learn from each other in ways you could never anticipate. We are very excited to be providing that forum.”

More information will be released as the date of the conference approaches. If you’d like to stay updated, subscribe to this email, or check out their website.

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