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Gift ideas for crafters

Christmas is less than a week away, but there is still time to get that last-minute gift for the crafter in your life (while not steering too far away from your budget).

  1. Hot glue gun: the crafter’s tool of choice. Stock up on glue sticks and glue gun accessories like tweezers and a bag to store your gift in. You can never have too many!
  2. Knitting kit: so your crafting friend can knit on-the-go. Kits come in accessible boxes and include almost anything you’d need to complete a pattern.
  3. Washi tape: to scrapbook or spice-up plain gift wrap. Throw in some mod podge, another crafter must-have, to save the creative in your life a trip to the craft store.
  4. Doodling notebook: or adult coloring book, depending on what your friend prefers! Keep all those wonderful ideas in one place or buy Creative Doodling and Beyond, a book that provides doodling inspiration.
  5. Craft storage: to inspire any crafter when it comes time for spring cleaning. Make it a package by also including a tote and cutting mat.
  6. Jars: Mason jars have more uses than can be typed; feel free to decorate them before to make the gift even more special.
  7. Gift card to art class or store: who doesn’t love free money! Enough said.
  8. Crafter’s book: look into staples like Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Crafts, or purchase a craft-specific book for knitting, macrame, and more. The list is limitless!
  9. Wall decor: or wall art that would look good in a crafter’s studio. Whether it is something you make on canvas, a poster, or vinyl you purchased, a crafter is sure to showcase your thoughtfulness.
  10. Magazine subscription to American Quilt Retailer: the gift that keeps on giving!

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