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Quilt Market Trends

Quilt Market Trends

Fall Quilt Market 2019 has come and gone and if you haven’t heard, American Quilt Retailer’s digital issue covering all-things quilt market is now available! And did we mention it’s free? Head to our website to download your copy, after reading this shortened version of the trends we noticed at this year’s market.

Textured Fabrics

One of the trends at quilt market was textured fabrics. Textured fabrics were added to the edges of pieces or used on summer blankets. Some of the patterns matched the different textures making the projects double cool. Consider things like wool, fabrics with ribbing, and ultra-soft fabric for the warmer months, too.


Quilt market had the travel bug this year with travel themes present at multiple vendors. Whether it be place-specific (with images like the Eiffel Tower or Big Ben) or how you get to different places (planes, trains, and cars) travel is definitely a craze. Consider adding a hometown pride project or display in your store to capitalize on the fad.


Tis the season of giving, and quilt market knows it. Vendors had a variety of gift options for a variety of clientele. Gifts included useful items like shear sets, or cute gifts like themed tea towels. Organizers, craft sets, and colorful kitchen utensils were all a part of the gift sets too. Consider getting gifts that aren’t Christmas-themed so they can be used all year long.


Want to gift the young ones in your life something special? Make their gift! Quilt market had loads of options; patterns include cloth books from quilt blocks that tell a story, embroidery pieces that together make a beautiful doll house, and another embroidery piece of a handmade mat that an imaginary town could be built on.

These are just a few ideas of fads to add to your store. Quilt market doesn’t tell all though, what have your customers been asking for lately? Any trends you’re noticing? Leave your comments so the quilt retail community can stay up to date.

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