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Personality Styles

personality types

Knowing your personality will help you play to your strengths (and recognize your weaknesses). Take the quiz to find out what style you are, and how you can apply that knowledge at work.

Personality quiz:

  1. Are you outgoing (quick to take action) or reserved (cautious)?
  2. Are you task-oriented (live and die by to-do lists) or people-oriented (tasks can wait for how someone is feeling)?

If you answered outgoing and task-oriented, you’re a driver.

If you answered outgoing and people-oriented, you’re a promoter.

If you answered reserved and task-oriented, you’re an analyzer.

If you answered reserved and people-oriented, you’re a supporter.

Traits and Downfalls

So what does this all mean?

  • Drivers are strong, aggressive, results-oriented, natural leaders. They’re powerful, impatient, determined, competitive and very-independent. They can also be stubborn, bossy, arrogant, cold, and willing to sacrifice relationships for money.
  • Promoters are creative, charismatic, risk-taking, fun, spontaneous cheerleaders. They can also be irresponsible, superficial, cocky, and bad with deadlines.
  • Analyzers are disciplined, precise, rigorous, loyal, responsible, and precise. They can also come across as emotionally disconnected, robotic, hold themselves back, and get stuck in analysis paralysis.
  • Supporters are committed, sweet, flexible, sensitive, empathetic, open, and loving. However, they also come across as sacrificial, dormant, insecure, invisible, or sad.

Knowing this can help you play to your strengths and recognize areas you can improve. Also note your employees personality types, and be sure to cater your meetings to how they work best.

Inspiration for this post came from “Know Yourself” by Beth Montpas published in the October 2021 issue of American Quilt Retailer.

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