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Self Quarantine


Times are strange right now aren’t they? The low hum of menace is everywhere, anxiety is plaguing our minds during this quarantine as much as the coronavirus is infecting the globe.

Misinformation is rampant and nobody knows what to do, how to feel. All we know is every time we leave the house we are either threats to somebody, or at risk of developing a serious illness.

You don’t need someone else telling you what you already know; to stay home and not to leave unless it’s absolutely necessary.

But with the nation self-quarantining, we all finally have something we’ve constantly been asking for: time.

And with this added time, it’s easy to reflect on the past few days. What could I have done different? Why didn’t I take this more seriously sooner? While reflecting on the past, it’s easy to transition to thinking about the future. What will happen to my business? What will happen to this nation?

Some things we do know; America (and the world for that matter) won’t be the same. Nobody alive has ever been through a pandemic, so there’s simply no way to tell how this will coalesce. But one thing I’m trying to do is live in the moment. This proves to be much easier said than done (any one else having adult acne for the first time?).

But when will the next time come around that I get to watch a movie every day for a week? Or do something that I love but haven’t been able to do for years, like paint?

We’re all struggling with how to articulate what we’re going through, and in that camaraderie I hope we can find the courage, and solace, to make the best decisions for our society in the coming weeks.

Godspeed American Quilt Retailer Community. In solidarity, we can curb the spread of the coronavirus together.

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