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Keeping healthy workers


Flu season is upon us; check out these tips to help ensure that you, your employees, and your customers can leave your business happy and healthy.

Prevent the spread

  • Encourage your employees to get their flu vaccine. Set an example by getting one yourself! This is the best way to prevent the flu.
  • Review the sick leave policy with employees. Encourage them to stay home if they’re sick without any fear of repercussions at work.
  • Look into a family sick leave policy. If someone is sick at home and they still want to come into work, encourage them to check in with any signs of symptoms and to take off early if they start to feel bad.
  • Look into automating certain features in your business, i.e., soap and towel dispensers, sinks, etc. At the least, make tissues, hand sanitizer, and waste baskets available for customers to use.
  • Post fliers (available from the CDC) around your store.

What to know about the flu

The flu is a respiratory illness that is spread by touching infected areas. An area becomes infected anytime someone coughs or sneezes on or near an object. Washing your hands frequently is the best way to make sure you don’t get sick as touching a surface then touching your eye or face is the number one way people become infected.

If you catch the flu and go to the doctor in the first 48 hours, you can get medicine that will shorten the time you’ll be sick. Even when you begin to feel better, remember you can still be contagious for up to 24 hours after your symptoms subside.

What steps does your business take to make sure everyone remains healthy? Nobody wants the flu, see what your business can do to minimize the possibility.

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