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Modern Day Burn Out

Burn out

Let’s face it, it’s been a tough year. Even though you may have had more time to do what you’ve wanted, this year has also come with it’s own set of unforeseen stressors.

How to cope with burn out

First, it’s okay to feel burnt out. Without being able to take a physical vacation, consider taking a staycation. It will be interesting to see just how easy it is to unplug from social media, to do lists, and even work.

Second, tell yourself it’s okay to feel burnt out. Just because you may have had more time-strapped days (think getting the kids ready for school, getting yourself ready for work, running a business, coming home to cook dinner, and then doing it all over again). If you were able to survive that, then you’re going to survive this. But recognize your feelings of burn out are still valid.

Build a support system

Finally, find a support system that works. Surround yourself with people you can be candid with, as well as people who know healthy ways that will make you feel better. Whether that be meditation, journaling, self help books, or exercise, good friends and family will suggest pastimes they know you will enjoy.

Nobody expects you to work 24 hours a day, and vacation for you (and your employees) should be expected. Remember, stress is different than burnout, so if you don’t feel recharged when you return, examine other areas in your life that may need focusing on.

What has gotten you through the past year? Share your tips so fellow quilt retailers won’t feel so isolated. And remember, American Quilt Retailer is always here too! Feel free to reach out anytime, for resources and more.

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