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Gift Ideas to Display in Your Store

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Recently I received a hand-knitted blanket as a gift and it reminded me just how special handmade presents really are. With gift season just around the corner, here are some quick and easy ideas you can whip out to display in your store (and get your customer’s ideas flowing).

Needlepoint gift ideas

Between embroidery and knitting, the opportunities for handmade needlepoint gifts are limitless. Outside of your typical scarves and blankets, think about personalized home decor. Find patterns to create embroidery circles for your loved ones favorite pet, or interests (some cute ideas I’ve seen include cacti and flower bouquets).

Fabric ideas

Continuing with the theme of decor, consider creating your own pillow design. This can be as simple as blocks of colors that appeal to you, or cut outs from famous artists (like Henri Matisse).

For something wearable, check out this adorable jacket from Megan Nielsen with a patchwork design. (I can’t wait to make this one myself!)

And finally, don’t count stuffed animals out. I’ve seen some of the most adorable stuffed animal patterns that would work great for both children, or as home decor for someone older. Be creative when it comes to stuffed options, mushrooms and felt flower bouquets are cute and popular right now.

And of course, if you’re gifting for an especially picky person, we all know masks never went anywhere. Look for fabrics with cute designs or in trendy colors.

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