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Winter Weather Worries

Winter Weather

Groundhog’s day may be around the corner, but don’t wait for Puxsutawney Phil to make the call; make sure your store is ready for winter (even if the groundhog predicts spring will come early).

1. Inform

Do you have a way to inform your employees if the weather is too bad to stay open? Take into consideration where your employees live; would you be willing to pay extra if they still want to come in? If you have a system in place (i.e. a phone tree, back up employees, etc) make sure everyone is privy to the system before the weather takes a turn.

What about informing your customers? Utilize every tool possible to let them know the store is closing by posting on social media, changing the voicemail, and leaving the closed sign on the store door.

2. Budget

Some businesses have a slush fund in their budget that incorporates the possibility of snow days. If you decide to stay open, consider rewarding customers with a sale or deal you’ve been on the edge of executing. And if you haven’t already, it’s a great idea to invest in snow removal. What’s better than arriving to work on a snowy morning to see the sidewalks already clear?

3. Clean

One often overlooked duty that comes with winter weather is the extra cleaning that comes with it. Consider placing extra rugs by the entrance, and make sure to keep those rugs clean throughout the day. If the rugs stay wet, place fans at the entrance to help keep them dry. Having a clean store is a big part of having a presentable store, so put in the time and effort to ensure your store stays that way.

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