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Small Business Resources

With the coronavirus here to stay, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce published a communication toolkit that could be a big help in the messaging your business puts out. Check out everything they have to offer in the information below.

Digital Toolkit

The communication toolkit not only includes sample copy for online posts, such as: “Here’s what you can do to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 at home, work, or school,” but graphics as well.

For your employees, they have a standard employee screening questionnaire, to stay on top of preventing the spread.

Communication toolkit

And for your customers, they have a customizable flier (that even allows you to insert your company logo) so you can inform your patrons the steps you’ve taken to ensure they can shop at ease. In addition to posting updates online, be sure to use the hashtags #COVID_19 and #COVID19 to keep your posts organized.

Policy Tracker

MultiState, a company referenced by the Chamber of Commerce, created a dashboard of state and local coronavirus activity. The dashboard, set up in Excel spreadsheet form, is updated daily and provides information in easy-to-consume form.

Similarly, the site also includes data graphics on a variety of topics, including: how open each state is for business,

what each state considers essential business,

and travel restrictions by state.


For more information, including state legislative sessions, check out their website.

Other Resources

Let us know what resources you’ve been using to stay up to date. As we have discovered, coronavirus information changes daily. Staying on top of these updates, therefore, are essential for preparing our businesses for the next wave.

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