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AQR Featured in Stitchcraft Marketing Podcast

Check out this podcast featuring editor of American Quilt Retailer Heidi Kaisand!

The podcast, by Stitchcraft Marketing, features how to keep up with the ever-changing retail world, tactics Kaisand uses to get customers in her studio, and why the telephone is still one of the best tools a business owner can utilize.

Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 7.47.41 PMThe interview was conducted by Stitchcraft Marketing CEO Leanne Pressly. After working for Interweave Press, Pressly decided to start her own website, The Wool Wide Web, in 2009. The website rebranded itself in 2013 and transformed into Stitchcraft Marketing.

Stitchcraft Marketing helps the creative business world with creating a digital presence, marketing, social media, graphics, patterns, and branding. Also on their website you can check out their blog and listen to the podcast Kaisand was featured on, Business of Craft.

Also on the podcast, Kaisand shares that thinking like a customer is the most important way to get customers. Kaisand created a retreat studio in her Hens and Chicks retail quilt shop to encourage creativity for her customers.

Kaisand also asks herself these questions; what am I selling? And who am I selling it to? Asking these questions helps Kaisand take the business out of the relationship and think on the customer’s level.

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And lastly, Kaisand talks about the importance of consistency in running a business.

So what are you waiting for! Check out the Business of Craft podcast today to hear all about American Quilt Retailer’s changes and more.

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