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Quilt Market Finds


It may be too late to shop for Christmas, but soon enough the post-holiday sales will begin. Check out this list of Quilt Market finds to see if anything you want is going on a major sale.

Quilt Market Finds

  1. Creative Grids Crazier Eights Template. Scrap hoarders have a new favorite product. This whole set can cut odd-sized scraps or multiple 10-inch squares. Pair this with the booklet String Theory 2.0 to make a scrap lovers day.
  2. Odif Adhesives. One such product, Odif 808 reactivating adhesive, can turn parchment paper into freezer paper piecing (as demonstated at Quilt Market). Or you can try their Odicoat Gel to make cotton fabric into a water-resistant, oilcloth-like product.
  3. The Grace Company Quilting Machines. The Q-nique 15 Pro has a new touch screen designed to be user-friendly and easy to use. It also includes faster stitching and enhanced stitch quality (and was available for test driving at Quilt Market).
  4. Lisa Bongean’s Wool, Needle & Thread Book. Bongean’s book from Martingale includes detailed, close up photos of how to make stitches and embellish projects just like the author.
  5. Picture Window Reverse Applique Tool. Designed by Jerriann Massey, this tool can complete products that range from traditional to modern.
  6. Creative Grids 60 Degree Mini Diamond Ruler. Designed by Kristin Moser, the ruler comes in multiple sizes and can be used to cut a variety of shapes and designs, one of which is shown below.

What has been this season’s best selling tools in your store? Share in the comments below and while you’re at it, check out these items and more in the free digital issue from Fall Quilt Market.

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