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Developing New Contacts

New contacts

Has your email list remained stagnant? Check out these tips to increase your customer contacts.

Define your market

The first step to increasing your contacts is to define who you’re going after. This will not only save you time while you do outreach, but also help determine what channels you use for messaging, and what sort of content to include in your pitch.

Build your contacts list

The first step to building your contact list is easy; start with who you know! Ask for referrals and offer discounts to new clients.

Networking is also a great way to expand your customer base. Networking is difficult, but you’ll find that when you put yourself out there, people are willing to help. Attend webinars, trade shows, or join a local business organization.

Finally, pick up your website and social media game. This is where defining your market will help your outreach the most. Have a lead? Go to their website and search for emails. Want to find leads? Go to a search engine and see if you can pay for data that will provide those emails for you (and save you time as well).

Follow up

Continuing on with online outreach, follow up once, then follow up again. Include enticing calls to action or create scarcity but letting them know that time or space is running out.

This is where a CRM (customer relationship manager) really comes in handy. A CRM is a software solutions that helps to track your contact activity. Not only will you be able to track who’ve you’ve contacted, but you’ll be able to identify priority leads as well.

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