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Happy Holidays and New Year from AQR!

Happy New Year 2022

A year ago, everyone was eager to put a close to 2020 and move on to 2021. As many of the business changes we made in 2020 still remain today, it’s clear that our idea of “normal” has changed. Yet, you all remained resilient!

Thank You From AQR

As we reflect on the past year, we would like to take the time to thank everyone for being with us every step of the way. You are all strong, successful business owners and we hope we can continue adding value as things seem to change by the day.

We were all eager to get back to in-person quilting events, including Quilt Market, but Covid had other plans. That being said, we’ve enjoyed hosting and learning alongside each and every one of you during our AQR Academy events, and look forward to continuing them in 2022.

What a Year It’s Been

Speaking of 2022, nobody knows what’s in store! What sort of business practices are you prioritizing (that you haven’t previously)? Your website? Social media? Are you using some of the holiday time to familiarize yourself with video? Whatever it may be, we have full confidence you’ll become an expert in no time.

Happy Holidays from AQR and we wish you all a happy, healthy, safe, and prosperous year to come.

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