February 2022 issue (Digital Subscription)


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What would happen if ____________? If I tried_____________, could I make it work? What would stop me from doing ____________? What would be the worst that happened if I did __________?

Now is the time to fill in those blanks with your dreams. Your what ifs can be answered!

The new year is only the signaling of the flip of the calendar. But a new day gives me the opportunity to try something new, try something different, and to take a chance on doing things different today. Maybe it will be better than how I did it yesterday.

This is my mantra, my battle cry for 2022.

How are you using the changes in our world to your advantage? If there’s ever been a time to allow you to think differently, it is now. Are you keeping your store hours the same? Are you changing up your inventory? How are you engaging your community in your business? What B I G goals do you have for 2022? Say them out loud, write them down—if you don’t ask for it, it can’t happen.

At American Quilt Retailer, we are doing all of these things. We’re changing up how the magazine looks. We’re redefining how we reach you. In 2022, we are bringing the content of the magazine alive through in-depth Academy classes with the business experts able to talk directly with you. We’re even trying audio recordings to test out whether you like a podcast version of the magazine. Why not, right?

Please keep the feedback coming to us. With your help we’re creating a plan to keep you moving forward in your business in 2022.

Table of Contents

  • From the Editor
  • Weathering the Weather: No matter the season, weather impacts businesses directly or indirectly, affecting cash flow.
  • 8 Factors to Getting Inventory Right: Learn how to get the “right” inventory, which is both an art and a science.
  • Hot Picks: Check out products and notions to offer to your customers.
  • Build an Event Partnership: Hosting an event with a well-known instructor is a wonderful way to bring customers into your store. However, it takes careful planning to hold a successful event
  • How to Set Goals that Actually Work for You and Your Business: The best method for setting goals takes your own unique position into account and establishes a goal that’s realistic and aspirational.
  • Materials Matter: Find the latest fabrics and designs about to hit your store shelves.
  • Embracing Social Media Platforms: Look beyond Facebook and Instagram for your 2022 marketing.
  • Yes, You Really Need an Employee Handbook: Creating an employee handbook can seem like a daunting task, but having one yields many benefits.
  • Strike the Right Note: Jazzing up your fabric displays will get more product noticed and entice customers to spend more time shopping


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