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I recently heard someone say if you reach the top of your company and you feel alone, it’s your own fault. It felt a bit harsh at first, then I started to read more. The best leaders know how to surround themselves, or bring up people with them, that are like-minded individuals, or people who support and encourage them. There is so much to think about in this statement and about how I’m running my business.

We can start with how am I surrounding myself with like-minded individuals? First, who is like-minded? Other quilt shop owners? Other retail owners? Other small business owners? If you’re looking for other quilt shop owners, you might look at events like our AQR Academy, both online and LIVE, for gathering and discussing topics that relate specifically to your business. Do you have a local mainstreet or chamber group to join to find other small business owners and retailers? Or do you have a favorite store you go in and you simply ask the owner if they want to exchange ideas?

I’ve found such a relationship with a coffee shop owner (and I don’t even drink coffee!). And she doesn’t quilt. But we have like- minds when it comes to how we run our businesses and approach the details of marketing and customers. We can support each other by sharing social media posts and finding ways to work together. Just because I don’t like coffee doesn’t mean she doesn’t serve food I like and I know my customers love her menu too. So we’re collaborating for a summer “coffee in the back yard” event five times between Memorial day and Labor Day. The social media we both post increases awareness of both our businesses. It’s truly a win-win.

Who can you surround yourself with today to help motivate you in your business?

Table of Contents

    • From the Editor
    • Increase Your Website’s Value: Brad Tanner shares how good design will save time and effort and help your business grow.
    • 85 & Fabulous: Kaffe Fassett, guru of vivid color and large-scale design, reflects on highlights of his serendipitous life and career.
    • The Power of Demonstration: Kay Brooks advises how to turn browsers into customers by letting them get a hand on your products.
    • Meeting Payroll: Marcia Donaldson, MBA, reveals how to overcome the struggles of paying yourself and your staff.
    • Hot Picks: Check out over a dozen new products and notions to offer your customers.
    • Materials Matter: Find the latest fabrics and designs about to hit your store shelves.
    • Implement Your Goals: Life coach Beth Montpas helps you create a strategic and thoughtful plan to make your business and personal goals happen.
    • Employee Handbook 2.0: Human Resources expert Melisa Morrison digs deep into the value of aligning your policies with employment laws.


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