American Quilt Retailer: October 2018



Being a business owner is not all positive, rah-rah, jump and cheer moments. But as a whole, I like to look at being a retail owner as having a cup runneth over with happiness. (It’s a good thing my cup has a saucer that can catch all of that over owing, shifting goodness when the boat rocks a little too much one way or the other!).

In this issue, I couldn’t help but notice the thread of happiness that seems to be stitched through the articles. We need a happy owner, who can lead happy employees, create a happy work environment, so we can have happy customers! Let’s start with you, the owner. Turn to page 34 and read how shop owner Sheryl Johnson uses her passion to fuel her happiness in her California shop. en get out your pencil and turn to page 70 to do some soul searching with life coach Beth Montpas about how your habits, your energy and your branding affect your business.

We’ve got two articles in this issue that focus on your employees—how to create a place where they want to come to work and also how to get them excited about selling products in your store by using games. What we do is serious in that we want to make a pro t and run a successful business, but how we achieve our goals can make a difference in attitudes. Having a fun shop and having fun while we work can increase our profits if we use those positive vibes for the better.

And last but definitely not least is our customers. None of the previous things make a bit of difference if we don’t have happy customers. Happy customers come back and shop more than once. Happy customers tell their friends all about their favorite shops. So be sure and read Stellar Service on page 10 for eight must-dos and create an event following Make-Along Success on page 6 to build an even stronger relationship with your customers.

Retailing is not for the faint of heart, it’s hard work, but at the end of the day there are lots of good things happening. Stop by booth #647 at Fall Quilt Market and tell me all about it!

In Every Issue

  • From the Editor
  • Connect with AQR Online
  • On the Cover
  • Sell Precuts with a Fun Technique, Free-to-Use Pattern: Designer Janet Rae Nesbitt has created a method of making blocks that doesn’t require exact precision, but ends up with charming results.

Business Savvy

  • Make-Along Success: Create an event that keeps your customers coming back for more.
  • Stellar Service: Learn eight customer service steps to ensure happiness.
  • Positive Company Culture = Happy Employees: The environment in which you work is top priority.
  • The Latest in Social Media: Read up on the trends in how social media can help your business.
  • Playing Games: Use fun exercises to get your sales sta selling at their top potential.
  • Sharpen Your Skills: Improve your habits, energy and branding and increase success.

Check It Out

    • Designer 15: Meet Victoria Findlay Wolfe, a designer and shop owner.
    • Following Her Passion Leads to Success: Temecula Quilt Co. owner Sheryl Johnson shares her story.
    • Expand Your Horizons: Join us in Houston for International Fall Quilt Market.
    • Materials Matter: Find an array of pattern and color in the latest fabrics.
    • Book Nook: Learn about the latest books in the quilting industry.
    • Hot Picks: Products your customers are sure to want.


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