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Being passionate about quilting is important. But it’s not enough. In today’s business environment, we must not be just shop owners, we must be business owners. We must be passionate about learning the numbers behind what we do and making business decisions. Even the tough decisions, like when to close our business. These conversations aren’t easy and aren’t for the weak. But as business owners (whether you are male or female), we must be pushing ourselves to be more powerful. That doesn’t mean we are heartless or cold or never have any fun. But that we know when to put aside our emotions and make decisions based on information and facts, not feelings. It’s being savvy, it’s taking responsibility for every detail—this is your business, this is your money being spent. You own it literally, so you need to own it in reality.

Elevate your status from quilt shop owner to being the best business owner you can be.

In this issue, we’ve pulled together information from experts in a variety of areas to educate yourself and improve your skills. I know you’re all busy. For heaven’s sake you’re running a quilt shop! But do yourself a favor, put yourself on the top of the to do list and take 15 minutes a day to expand your knowledge. Push yourself to look at your business differently and to work ON your business, not IN your business.

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In Every Issue

  • From the Editor, Connect with AQR Online
  • On the Cover
  • Book Nook: Learn about the latest books in the quilting industry.
  • Switch It Up!: Free-to-Use Pattern HandBEHG Felts designer Tami Pfeil has paired up with Premier Prints to inspire sewers to use home dec fabrics in new and exciting ways. Pfeil was inspired by traditional items to create a floor rug for the Free-to-Use pattern that is both useful and beautiful.

Business Savvy

  • Get Smart About Insurance: What coverage do you have and what do you need—Tom Shay helps you sort it all out.
  • Unleash the Power of Store Displays: Retail experts Kizer and Bender spell out a strategy for creating the best store displays possible.
  • Business Books for Retailers: Keep your business moving forward by reading insightful books.
  • Calling it Quits: Let Leanne Pressley guide you through the often complicated process of getting out of a business.
  • Save the Date: Planning an event is work. Sommer Sharon helps you do the right work to ensure a successful outcome.

Check It Out

  • Make a “To Be” List: Life coach Beth Montpas helps you look past your “to do” list and create your “to be” list.
    Owner, Leader, Manager: Business consultant Gwen Bortner defines these roles and gets you wearing the right hat for the job.
  • Materials Matter: Newest fabrics to hit the shelf.
  • From Math to Quilts: Starting a pattern business is a huge task, but Laura Piland of A Slice of Pi was up for the task. Learn more about this wide-appealing designer.
  • Hot Picks: New products to check out!
  • Online Resources: See what’s new on our website


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