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Make the Most of Instagram Videos

Instagram videos

If you’re like most Quilt Retailers, Instagram is one of your best online selling tools. It might even be better than your website! Check out how you can utilize and incorporate videos into your feed.

Instagram Stories

Stories are 15 second photos and videos that are live for only 24 hours. This can be a great selling tool and you’d be amazed at how many views your story can get, so don’t wait; start posting!

Keep tabs on what other businesses do in their stories. How do they incorporate text? What sorts of polls could you do to gather information easier?

You can save Instagram stories as highlights on your page as well so customers can refer back to the most helpful ones. Businesses often organize highlights into different categories.


As you know, Instagram can do much more than just take photos. Videos are becoming more mainstream each year, and Instagram included a feature to store those videos on your profile.

Enter Reels. Reels are only 15 seconds, but that’s a much longer time than you’d think. You can use reels to highlight products that work well with each other, show off your new favorite fabric line, talk about top-selling how-to books, and more.

Consider posting reels in both your feed and your story for more views.


IGTV is a standalone app for videos longer than reels. Even though IGTV is standalone, there are basic features and functionalities within the Instagram app.

Ideas for IGTV videos can include: education sessions, how-to videos, in-depth shop features, and more.

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