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Holiday Window Displays

Holiday Window

It’s officially November, and whether you believe the holidays don’t start until Thanksgiving or not, how you decorate your store should already be on your mind.

To find inspiration we turned to the Big Apple to see their best window displays from last year’s holiday season.

Barney’s New York

In first place, due to it’s charitable aspect, is Barney’s New York. Simple yet moving, they used 2 million pennies to spell the work “Change” for their Make Change campaign with plans to donate the funds to charity after the New Year.

Tiffany & Co.

In second place is the one and only Tiffany and Co. Staying true to brand, their window was less dazzling than nearby window fronts, but cute nonetheless. Using their iconic blue boxes, they created a robot with chrome mice running around to spark the magic gifts can provide on Christmas morning.


A nod to the Christmas classic, Bloomingdale’s celebrated the third release of the Grinch with a Grinch-themed display. What stood out was the interactive aspect, with tunes and photo opportunities no child (or even adult) could resist taking apart of.


Bergdorf Goodman

Coming in a close fourth is Bergdorf Goodman’s window display who, like Tiffany & Co., remained true to form. This loud, vibrant display demanded attention and caught everyone’s eye, just like the brand.

Saks Fifth Ave

Last but not least is Saks Fifth Avenue with their window themed “Theatre of Dreams.” The whimsical display plays tribute to nearby Broadway; what tradition does your community have you could incorporate in your display? What makes your town unique? If you’re struggling with ideas start with that question and brainstorm from there.

The holidays are a magical time many people look forward to. Get in the spirit early by beginning to plan your window display.

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