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COVID-19 Check-In


Much of the nation has been quarantining for a month now, and the seriousness of the COVID-19 situation we (and the world) are in is fully realized.

The uncomfortable part of quarantining is likely over. We’ve become used to leaving the home for only the essentials, we’ve fallen into a new schedule. But this doesn’t mean that the way we feel during this crisis is any different.

Things have been hard, and nobody is enjoying themselves. A survey on a friend’s Instagram story proved this to be true with 80 percent of respondees saying they are not enjoying this strange time.

Sitting and thinking about friends in nursing homes, essential workers, people who have lost their jobs, and vulnerable family members is enough for the spiral of anxiety to begin again. We are being confronted with a sense of powerlessness every day, and with every new piece of information.

What can I do?

And yet it’s thinking of these people that make me realize how good I have it. It inspires me to turn the feeling of powerlessness into action. Send a card (or two), continue sewing face masks, donate to local charities and businesses, reach out to loved ones to see how you can help.

What if it’s not safe for you to leave your home? Bake cookies, write a letter, put a sign of encouragement in your window, or call a friend instead. Because at the end of the day, all we have is each other and a new day will come soon.

What has helped you the most during the COVID-19 quarantine? Leave comments below with what you’ve been watching, listening to, or doing.

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1 thought on “COVID-19 Check-In

  1. Good advice, getting outside ourselves, looking for ways to encourage and support each other does as much for us as the recipient. Preserving hope is a power we can exercise.

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