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‘Tis the Season

Make sure your store is the place to shop for quilt related gifts this holiday season. Check out this quilter’s buying guide for ideas on what to add to your store.

  • Travel steam iron. Not only is the quilter in your life going to love this gift, but you’ll stay well within budget with this item costing just $20.00.
  • Foldaway cutting mat. Whether you quilt on the go or occasionally at home, storing this foldaway mat won’t be a problem (and is the best part about this gift).
  • Quilt organizer. This gift is going to take a little bit of intel to know what exactly your recipient would use the most. Do some investigating to find out what your loved one is wanting or what they already use.
  • Quilt caddy. Organizing is the name of the game this holiday season, if you’ve got room to splurge package this gift with the quilt organizer to make your quilter’s day.
  • Thread. A classic gift never goes out of style and is guaranteed to be something they use (and need).
  • Quilt starter set. Definitely targeted to the younger crowd, this gift is to inspire children and grandchildren to get in with mom and grandma on all the fun.
  • Mini quilt kit. Give an easy project to keep your loved one busy this winter with a kit to make a mini quilt. If the quilter wants to share the love they could easily regift this mini quilt, too.
  • Rotating cutting mat. Long time quilters will have no idea this is what they’ve always been needing, surprise them with this new take on a conventional tool.

Figuring out what the best gift to give someone can be one of the hardest decisions around the holidays. Make sure your store helps to make the process easier for customers.

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